Born and raised in Owensboro, KY, I have been a Professional Powerlifter for two years. Growing up in Kentucky, I never knew powerlifting would be the path chosen for me and my journey has not come easy.

Being a standout high school athlete, I was projected to be a division-1 football player but several wrong choices changed those plans. From dealing with drug addiction, depression, and jail time I was left at rock bottom. After being given a second chance and entering a recovery program. I chose to make a change, I chose to BE IRREGULAR, I Chose to LIVE IRREGULAR!

During this time I found two things that would change my life forever, my Relationship with Christ and a dirty basement floor with some old weights. Using my faith for strength and guidance, I began powerlifting. Sooner than most I entered the professional world of powerlifting and found a way to leave my mark. I am the American Record Holder for raw bench press, currently ranked #1 In the world for raw bench press, and one of only five men in history to bench press over 700Lbs. raw. There have been more men walk on the moon than to have done what I have done.

Now I am on a mission to help you BE IRREGULAR and to show the world how to LIVE IRREGULAR! Whether you want to improve your Bench Press, bring new life and energy to your gym, or inspire motivate and elevate your team students and/or employees. Don’t do what others do, be different BE IRREGULAR!!! Order your customized IrregularStrength Bench Program, Book Your IrregularStrength gym appearance/lift party, or Schedule your IrregularStrength speaking engagement or seminar today. The life you live is valuable. Leave your mark, BE IRREGULAR, LIVE IRREGULAR!!!

More than a Brand

My main purpose is to help people BE IRREGULAR in all aspects of life - at home, at work, and in the ways they impact others.

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